Cinder (programming library)

Cinder is a programming library, designed to give the C++ language advanced visualization abilities. It was released as a public tool in spring 2010 and can be viewed in many ways as an open-source, C++-based alternative to tools like the Java-based Processing library, Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash -

VIMEO 120778169 This Floating World by Tim Murray-Browne and Jan Lee

It is also comparable to the C++ based openFrameworks; the main difference is that Cinder uses more system-specific libraries for better performance while openFrameworks affords better control over its underlying libraries - wikipedia

Unlike Flash and Silverlight, Cinder is generally used in a non-browser environment. This, combined with the speed provided by C++, makes the library more appropriate for heavily abstracted projects, including art installations, commercial campaigns and other advanced animation work.

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