The __MONIAC__ (__Monetary National Income Analogue Computer__) also known as the __Phillips Hydraulic Computer__ and the __Financephalograph__, was created in 1949 by the New Zealand economist William Phillips (economist) to model the national economic processes of the United Kingdom, while Phillips was a student at the London School of Economics (LSE).

YOUTUBE iUrhENgn_m0 What made the machine particularly realistic was the time it took to settle down after making a change. As the water ebbed and flowed, gradually reaching a stable position, so too did the economy. Phillips' machine was so well received by senior LSE academics that he was offered a job as a lecturer before he had even finished his degree.

The MONIAC was an analog computer which used fluidics to model the workings of an economy. The MONIAC name may have been suggested by an association of money and ENIAC, an early electronic digital computer - wikipedia

Moniac Computer, exhibited at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand - wikimedia

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