SpatialOS is an interesting platform with which to consider developing massively scaleable simulations (such as earth or Environmental Simulations) that can be developed with tools such as Unity 3D.

SpatialOS is a cloud-based computational platform that lets you use many servers and engines to power a single world. The platform coordinates a swarm of micro-services called workers, which overlap and dynamically reorganize to power a huge, seamless world. The platform also lets you handle a huge number of concurrent players across different devices in one world.

# Scripting In Unity you script in C#. The javascript-like language UnityScript and the scripting language Boo are now officially deprecated -

# Entities All things in your world exist as entities. SpatialOS maintains the persistent state of all entities across a cluster of servers. Worlds can contain millions of entities. # Components Entities consist of components, which define their state and how other entities interact with them. Components are defined in a schema language. Automatically generated integrations then allow different workers to visualize and simulate them. # Workers Workers are micro-services that simulate the components of entities across the world. SpatialOS runs as many workers across your world as needed to simulate every component in the world. All data synchronization is handled for you.

# Develop Build your game using SpatialOS and Unity3D or Unreal. You can also use language SDKs in C#, C++ and Java.

# Pricing There are no license fees. SpatialOS is free to try for small deployments.